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Name:Seiya Kou (星野 光)

Full Name Seiya Kou
Alignment Kinmokusei
Resides in Azabu-Juuban, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Occupation Singer / musician for The Three Lights / Student
Aliases Sailor Star Fighter
Associates Kou Taiki, Kou Yaten, Princess Kakyuu, Usagi Tsukino
Birthdate July 30th
Age 16
Height 5'5"
Gender Female
Species Human
Blood Type A
Weakness: Girls
Affiliations Sailor Soldiers / The Three Lights
Goal: To find and protect Princess Kakyuu, and to protect Sailor Moon
Powers and abilities
Projectile attacks / Martial Arts
Strengths: Sports, Vocals, Composing Music (Electric Guitar, Keyboard, Drums)
Attacks: Star Serious Laser / Star Fighter Kick
Items of Power: Winged Headphones which are use for both performing and transforming into Sailor Star Fighter. Star Yell- Star shaped compact she uses as Sailor Star Fighter to unleash her (serious laser) attack.

Sailor Star Fighter is a Sailor Senshi, a fighter of justice, peace, and good. She is one of three Sailor Senshi known as the Sailor Starlights. Fighter was born on a planet in a neighboring star system called Kinmoku (Kinmokusei). She is one of three guardians dedicating their life to protecting Princess Kakyuu and the planet. One day, a great evil swept the galaxy pitting Sailor Senshi against Sailor Senshi.

A being calling herself Sailor Galaxia had waged war against anyone who opposed her. Her goal was to collect the Sailor Crystals that embodied true Sailor Soldiers -- Stars that shone eternally. Those who chose to join her army had their Star Seeds taken from them and given prolonged life to fight until they outlived their use. Star Fighter was no stranger to the legendary Sailor Crystal that embodied a select few per planet through out countless star systems, herself included as well as her princess.

When Galaxia invaded Kinmoku a horrifying battle ensued leaving death and destruction in it's wake. The three fought hard to stave off this evil and to protect their princess. The battle raged on for days, weeks, months, and finally when the planet was on it's dying breath did Princess Kakyuu make an attempt to outwit the enemy. Making the decision to flee her dying planet, she fled to a neighboring star system making her way to a rural planet called Earth. It was there she sought refuge to heel her wounds and strengthen her powers. She was not alone however. Three wandering stars had followed in the form of shooting stars.

Her guardians, Star Healer, Star Maker, and Star Fighter sough to reunite with their princess. Taking the form of humans, they posed as idols in the city of Tokyo, Japan. It was a culture where male pop stars gained more popularity than if they were female pop stars. They posed as males and formed the band The Three Lights in an attempt to gain the public's attention and one woman in particular, Kakyuu. Coding a secret message into their songs, they made an attempt to reach their princess through song.

Their song "Nagareboshi He" became an immediate hit drawing fans left and right, however, with no sign of their princess. They continued to sing, each time stepping onto that stage hoping to find that one person.

As the idol, Seiya Kou, Fighter found her own attention gained by a mysterious blond girl with an unmistakable hair style. Their first meeting was at an airport when the enemy first made their appearance and the girl shortly collapsed after witnessing the death of her significant other. Seiya took the girl into her arms and with her other comrades had the intention of taking her home. Little did she know the girl would be the klutzy "odango" haired girl that would quickly become the center of her infatuation, Usagi Tsukino. Seiya began to develop strong feelings for the girl who never ceased to captivate her.

They eventually found their princess who had been hiding in an incense burner residing at none other than Usagi Tsukino's house. As time went on identities were revealed and the girl turned out to be the Sailor Suited Senshi, Sailor Moon -- A powerful opposition to the evil Sailor Galaxia. Out of the three Starlights, Fighter was the first to put her trust in Sailor Moon and believe in her ability to defeat Galaxia.

As Sailor Star Fighter she is serious and completely dedicated to her mission -- To find Princess Kakyuu and to strike against Galaxia. She is the leader of the Sailor Starlights and is a powerful opposition. Her attacks are energy based compiling a "laser-like" formation as her main attack, the Star Serious Laser. It is a blue hued energy that shoots out of her Star Yell compact, an item used to channel her power into and out of to release a collection of energy stored within. True to her name sake she is indeed a fighter and can also engage in hand to hand combat. She is strong willed and extremely loyal to those who are important to her. She tends not to act as impulsively as she does as her alter ego, Seiya Kou, though she is easily provoked and will jump into a battle based on emotion (much like her counter part, Seiya). Over all she presents herself very serious and can sometimes be cool.

In contrast, Seiya Kou is more lighthearted, especially around a certain odango atama (a pet-name in reference to Usagi Tsukino). She is highly competitive and very good at physical activities such as sports (American Football in particular). She displays abnormal levels of strength compared to average humans. This is probably due to the fact that she is really a Sailor Senshi. It can be safely evaluated that Seiya's strength and power in comparison to Fighter's is (highly) restrained. Her teasing can at times be harsh, but she does mean well (usually). Seiya is mostly easy going and a tease. She even poses a reasonable amount of intelligence when applied. She is protective and shows high levels of loyalty to the ones she cares most about. This said, Seiya is the type of person who will go out on a limb to risk her life for someone very special to her.

As an idol, Seiya's band responsibilities include lead vocals, keyboard, writing lyrics and composing. Additional items include a headphone piece that is worn during concerts and appears when transforming into Sailor Star Fighter. The Star Brooch appears during the transformation sequence and is fully visible on the outside of the Sailor uniform. It is used to encase her Sailor Crystal and thus protects it.

Sailor Star Fighter / Seiya Kou & Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon is © Naoko Takeuchi, Bandai, etc. I do not lay claim to the character or the series.

The content expressed in this journal is not representative of the original creators, nor do I lay claim to such. Character representation is "subjective" -- Quoted, therefore, not meant to be taken seriously. Further representation is not representative of myself or my personal beliefs.

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